Recognized the Differences in Students

Both of my children have attended the “Little Red Schoolhouse” and loved it from the time they arrived in the morning or afternoon to the time they got to go home. The school offers an excellent classroom structure and learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. Both of my children received so much guidance and Kindergarten readiness that there was no doubt in my mind that they were ready for Kindergarten. My oldest, Braylon, was a little more reserved and shy and throughout the two years of preschool opened up so much. My youngest, Evan, on the other hand is a little more “spirited” as Mrs. Ross would say! Both Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Traxler are excellent teachers and recognized the differences in each and every one of their students and took the time to get to know each student personally. The “Little Red Schoolhouse” will definitely leave a lasting impact on your child throughout their life. Braylon has come with me to open houses when Evan was going to school and still explored the classroom and remembered things from his preschool days even though he is 10 years old now! Without a doubt the “Little Red Schoolhouse” is the best preschool around!